Super7’s Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave Presale Closes Tonight


Attention Masters of the Universe fans! Super7 has announced that they are closing presales on their Vintage MOTU Wave tonight! These 5.5″ figures are stunningly beautiful and include the Japanese vintage box art, based on packaging originally conceived in the 80s. Information about this wave and it’s closing is below, so don’t miss out on these! As you know with Super7, the prices shoot up once these little suckers get rare.

From Super7’s Official Instagram:

CLOSING TONIGHT: The pre-sale for the Masters of the Universe Vintage 5.5” Japanese Box versions of He-Man and Skeletor (based on original prototype packaging from the 1980’s). Each figure is available individually for $20 each (plus shipping). All figures come with accessories. We expect to ship these Vintage Figures in Summer 2019. The pre-sale window for these will close at the end of day today. For details and ordering visit the link in our profile or head over to: #he-man #skeletor#japanesepackaging #super7


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