Toy Wizards reported a couple of days ago we found some incredible first look pictures of a Ghostbusters Master Grade Optimus Prime MP-10. Now we have some more images and new information on this breaking news. Other than the initial report that Transformers/Ghostbuster products were on their way,  More images where found on TFCLUB Transformers Alliance off of Weibo. As a follow up to the current crossover Ecto-1 Ectotron Transformer for sale at  Hasbro Pulse.

The new MP-10G Prime will be a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive with a retail price of $149.99 thats great news for us that go to SDCC for everyone else this means it will be upwards of $300.00 online after the event. New images also show more details on the MP-10G like the Ecto license plate in the chest of Prime- A for effort on that, it’s a nice touch. This blows me away Roller is a ghost trap that’ fantastic.

To finish the revels the box is a Proton Pack. This just keeps getting better and better. Cross your fingers you can get one this summer.


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