Ghostbusters Master Grade Optimus Prime MP-10


Toy Wizards has found some incredible first look pictures of a Ghostbusters Master Grade Optimus Prime MP-10. Other than the initial report that Transformers/Ghostbuster products were on their way, this is all the information we have. So far, three images found on TFCLUB Transformers Alliance off of Weibo. As a follow up to the current crossover Ecto-1 Ectotron Transformer for sale at Hasbro Pulse, this is amazing and I cant wait to add it to my collection.

I would personally like to see more of these like some Decipticon Terror dogs and a Staypuft– OMG that would be fantastic.

What would you like to see if they make more of this line? We hope to have more information and will update you when we can.



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