10 Metal Inspired ReAction Figures We’re Waiting For Super7 to Create


Here at Toy Wizards, we love independent toy maker Super7. One of our favorite things about the brand is that in addition to the awesome licensed toys they make (seriously, they’ve completely turned the Masters of the Universe license into something amazing in the post-Mattel and MOTUC era), they just make whatever the hell they want! 

Fans of Super7 know that the brand is no stranger to ReAction Figures based off musical acts. They’ve tackled Metal Mascots from Iron Maiden, to Misfits, to their most recently announced Slayer (to which we had a few polite suggestions for additional metal mascots of our own).

But it wasn’t until I saw the King Diamond figure the other day on Super7’s official Instagram that my brain started churning. Ah, alas, the cool people over there are so lucky. To be a metal fan and a toy maker?! Sign me up! What other Super7 ReAction Figures possibilities are there out in the ether? What other great bands are Super7 one, fans of , and two…able to get the license for?

Thank you for asking– please allow me to make a few polite suggestions that I would love to see as ReAction Figures!


10) Pre-Costume 70s KISS

I never knew how much I needed a ReAction Figure of KISS in dresses until this very moment. I would call the Peter doll ‘Glinda’ and let him be the mother to my MEGO Wonder Woman doll.


9) 80s Manowar

Swords out, warriors. Carry we who die in battle right over to the toy section, yeah? We need 80s Manowar toys like no other. I mean, how else are we going to get to Valhalla, am I right?


8) 80s Dream Warrior Era Dokken Toys (With Bonus Freddy Krueger)

If my big hair and denim can’t come with a side of murdering nightmare man, then this isn’t a world I want to collect toys in, anyway. Besides, we’re all very, very aware that Newline or whomever the current Freddy license holder is has no problem selling that sucker out to any brand that breathes in their direction.



Because GWAR already looks like something that Four Horsemen Studios would have designed, anyway.


6) Powerwolf

Too metal for Ghost fans and too power-metal for Immortal fans, I’d happily give an amen with a figure of Powerwolf lead singer Attila Dorn conjuring his Army of the Night on my shelf.


5) 80s KISS

In the 80s, KISS took off the makeup and put on a whole lot of something else. But there’s something magical about front man Paul Stanley’s glitter, sequins, and gloves that is entirely underrated, and I would totally kill to have ReAction figures of KISS in their sparkling pink and yellow majesty.



All right, Wild Child…I give Super7 the direct challenge of creating a ReAction figure that can give me the intense, leering, deadpan Care Bear Stare-Glare that frontman/bassist Blackie Lawless has going on here.


3) Twisted Sister

If any 80s rock band out there could look like musical Power Rangers, it’s my Twisted Sister buddies. Sure, their most popular songs were anthems, but few frontmen are the (visual and otherwise) powerhouses that Dee Snider are. I would gladly take a line of Twisted Sister ReAction Figures to help build the ultimate ‘You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll’ team. Gladly.


2) Ronnie James Dio

The original Wizard, Sorcerer, and Holy Diver himself. Even this image above looks like a perfect pose for an action figure. Thus, let’s make it into a ReAction Figure! Dio is one of the granddaddies of metal, alongside Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, and a few other key players, but is without a doubt the most magical and toy-ready.


1) Iconic KISS

Sure, just about everyone has had their hand at making a KISS figure. KISS has been in the merchandising business since Star Wars figured out that toy sales were the key to the promised land. And while there are McFarlane and MEGO and Hot Wheels out the zippity-doo-dah, that doesn’t change the fact that I would love to see how Super7 would treat turning the original creatures of the night into small little…plastic…dudes?

Love Guns out, friends, and here’s hoping Super7 takes us on that Rocket Ride someday!


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