Need a Batman Figure? BigBadToyStore Has Every Batman in the Flippin’ Room


Often times here on Toy Wizards, we will dedicate a post to a certain figure or line of figures from a specific brand.

But what do you do when a huge power-dump of Batman figures go up for preorder or sale at the same time? That’s right– you catch em all.

From Star Ace to Hot Toys to Mondo and beyond, all of your high-end Batman needs will be covered over at BigBadToyStore. Check out their awesome lineup, and get yours direct from their website today!

Because Harvey…

I’m Batman!

By: Sideshow Collectibles
$229 99
By: Sideshow Collectibles
$209 99
By: Gentle Giant
$69 99
By: Gentle Giant
$49 99
By: Sideshow Collectibles
$183 99


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