KidRobot Releases Pennywise ‘Dancing’ Plush (And It Looks Like An Expensive Dog Toy)


In today’s episode of ‘KidRobot doesn’t know what to do with their licenses’, comes a brand-new IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown HugMe Shake Action Vibrating Plush.  With an MSRP of $34.99, this bizarre new toy brings all the literal fun of the dancing murder-clown home for your vibrating pleasure.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Fans of the 2017 IT film starring Bill Skarsgard as the titular ‘Dancing Clown’ may remember the scene where we finally get to see the self-proclaimed dancing clown put his best Dance Dance Revolution foot forward and show us his performance. The film makers digitally held Pennywise’s head in place while he gave us his best intense stare and danced his way into Beverly’s heart in the famed sewer scene.

Thus, KidRobot took a tongue in cheek approach and created a very expensive plush that turns the above dancing…into the below….dancing.


While I appreciate the humor, I feel like there is a missed opportunity here. Do you guys remember the new Steamboat Willie 90th anniversary plushie toy that was just available in Target stores?

For $19.99, this new creation was nothing short of incredible. Mickey Mouse, like Pennywise, stood about 16″ tall and whistled the Steamboat Willie song. It moved around and ‘danced’ and it looked really, really amazing. I think KidRobot could have implemented this same tech and created a super gnarly ‘pole in the back, murder death puppet’ edition of Pennywise that took the disturbing dance to a whole new level.

And look– if you’re a fan of KidRobot, I’m not trying to verbally plop all over your brand. I want to like them, but their aesthetic and toy choices just don’t personally work for me. And their price points versus quality just haven’t wowed me on a personal collecting scale up until now. I know the vibrating Pennywise ‘dancing’ is supposed to be kitschy and cute, but it just comes across and cheap and well…

For the dogs.

Product description from KidRobot’s website:

“We all float down here.”

Kidrobot brings nightmare fuel to life in adorably sinister plush form with the new IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown HugMe Shake Action Vibrating Plush. This 16 inch tall high quality plushie version of Stephen King’s IT Pennywise is ready, boat in hand, to dance his way into your dreams. With an irresistible smile and ability to come alive when you hug him or even when you clap, you’ll want to hold Pennywise close and never let go. He might know your deepest fears and send chills down your spine, but day or night the IT Pennywise HugMe Plush will be there to climb out of the sewer and give you a big hug like no sane stuffed animal can.

Features Kidrobot’s signature HugMe plush shake action when you hug it or clap! 3 AA batteries included.

Is the large HUGME too frightening?  Get IT in a smaller size with the smaller two Phunny versions of Steven King’s IT in vintage form or modern form!


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