Classic Space Takes Flight in a Fan Made LEGO & Macross Mashup


Mashup? Crossover?


We’ll be here all day, ladies and gentlemen.

Originally found on Brothers-Brick, we want to introduce Toy Wizards readers to a little Mini-Fig named Benny. Benny is a man and minifig of many talents and versatility, having captured the hearts of many around the world. With the help of LEGO fans, he has been to the Star Wars galaxy, and now he’s taken a leap into the Macross Saga with this unique three-in-one transformable model built by Wallace Chow.

You may recall our post from a few days ago where we highlighted an artist who goes by Creations by Lendy and the amazing Mecha creations he fashions out of bricks. We’re going to take a moment to highlight another, because you can never have too much LEGO creativity!

LEGOeativity? LEcreativeGOity?

Okay, sorry, I’ll stop.

You can check out this amazing Macross Saga LEGO creation right now!



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