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Ah, Soundwave. One of the most beloved and recognizable Transformers characters ever created. 80’s childhood icon, communications expert, master spy, blackmailer, Megatron’s eyes and ears, and the Decepticon we all pretended to be while talking into a box fan on a hot summer day.

Every one of you little rat bastards owes Frank Welker a royalty.

Hasbro continues it’s 35th Anniversary of the Transformers brand with the War for Cybertron toy line, planned to span the next three years, and incorporating Target Masters, Micromasters, and Deluxe Class robots that can transform into wearable, customizable weapons and armament to aid in the battle for the Transformers homeworld. It’s an ambitious backstory for one of Hasbro’s evergreen property, and so far, fans are snapping these off of retail shelves faster than a Taco Bell chalupa would pass through Blurr.

Yes, that was a poop joke. It can’t all be “A” material, all right?

Soundwave joins Starscream in wave 2 of the Siege Voyager Class offerings, and after the stellar versions of Prime and Megatron we were treated to in wave 1, he has a lot to live up to. Let’s see how he measures up!


This Soundwave is GORGEOUS. The Siege line is keen on evoking the G1 designs in robot mode, and Soundwave really shines in this regard. He’s instantly recognizable in his robot form, and looks great. Even with some slight variations in his classic look due to him needing to transform into a Cybertronian vehicle instead of a 1980’s microcasette recorder, Hasbro has still captures his iconic look.

But like all who do evil, he’s empty inside.


In Ricky’s Starscream review, he wasn’t a fan of the “battle-scarring” Hasbro is using on this line. Granted, it didn’t look as good on ‘Scream but I think it looks really good on the deep blue of Soundwave. I even like it across the transparent chest plate… it reminds me of what my childhood Soundwave’s chest plate started to look like after a few yers of rough play. It also gives the characters a battle-hardened look that I think really sells the fact that these are battle-hardened robots locked in a brutal war. It’s not consistent across the entire figure, most noticeably lacking on his back and arms, but I still think it works well and gives the figure a plausibly weathered look.

No battle-scarring on that flat caboose, though. Like Brie Larson, Soundwave needs a butt-double.


Like Starscream, this is where Soundwave really shines. Soundwave has a ball neck, butterfly and swivel/hinged shoulders, bicep swivel, double elbow, wrist, waist, swivel and hinge hips, thighs, knees, and rocker ankles. The amount of dramatic and battle-ready poses you can get him in are absolutely fantastic. This is clearly where Hasbro is spending the money, and as someone who loves posing his figures, I could not be happier. Of course, it wouldn’t be Soundwave without a push-button, opening chestplate/casette deck, which can hold Laserbeak and Ravage (sold separately.)


Soundwave is ready to rumble (no pun intended.) In addition to his iconic shoulder-mounted gatling gun, he includes his standard laser gun, both of which were meant to resemble AA batteries in the vintage line. He includes another laser rifle as well, allowing him to go double-rig on those pesky Autobots.

Come on! Come on! Come on! Space Truckin’!


Soundwave features not one, but two alternate modes. The first is a Cybertronian freighter that actually looks pretty damn cool, and evokes a similar aesthetic as Shockwave’s transformation. The modules on his back swing up and hold his battery cannons, making him look quite intimidating indeed.

His second form is reminiscent of his G1 microcassette player look, but with the added bonus of some gun batteries up top.

Try and play that Taylor Swift mixtape you made. I @#%&ing DARE you.


At an MSRP of $29.99, this is definitely a collector line, but Hasbro really seems to be striving to give you your money’s worth. The sheer playability and poseability of this line is exceptional, and for fan favorite characters like this, I think it’s worth the price.


5 out of 5 Energon Cubes

I’m generally not one to hand out a perfect review, but this is the Soundwave I imagined my clunky, not very poseable Soundwave being as a kid. Just the sheer amount of cool poses you can put him in makes this a highest possible recommendation from me, but his accessories and overall look make him my favorite from the line so far. Hasbro has really gotten me back into Transformers in the last few years, and this line has the potential to be one of the coolest of all time.

Enjoy the full gallery of Siege Voyager Class Soundwave below


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