Takara Tomy Celebrates 35 Years of Transformers with Generations Guidebook


Takara Tomy’s Transformers Generations DELUXE mediaboy mook (magazine-book) is a new print run of the 2001 Transformers guidebook that chronologically covers all of the Generation One toy releases in full color from 1984-1992 utilizing professional photography of Takara Tomy factory samples. It is on sale now!

The book also features a gallery of Studio OX artwork, much of which was created by a young new talent at the time and friend of the Toy Wizards – Tsuyoshi Nonaka! The gallery covers promotional art printed in Televi Kun magazine over the course of a decade, as well as Sunbow/Toei and Sunrise animation studio character line art from Seasons 1-4, The Headmasters, Super God Masterforce, Victory, Zone, and more!

This new 35th anniversary print run features an upgraded digital printing process for higher resolution on all the imagery! This truly is the Holy Book for any Transformers fan. An invaluable resource and ultimate guide. I find myself looking through my old copy often to this day. Oh, and let’s not forget copies of the original printing from 2001 had skyrocketed to well over $100 on the secondary market before the announcement of this new print! So it is probably a good idea to grab a copy while it’s at around $25-$30.

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