5 Awesome Transformers Crossovers We Saw At TF-Con


It’s Saturday, March 16th and the Toy Wizards are hanging out at TF-Con in Burbank, California! This awesome Transformers fan event is toy lovers’ paradise, and believe me when I say there’s no shortage of awesome robots and vintage toys.

But during my manic grinned wild whirlwind around the show floor, I spotted a few specific items that jumped out at me- Transformers collaborations! We all know about the new Transformers Ghostbusters car that’s on its way soon (want). We know that even in the 80s, Transformers were hanging out with G.I. Joe! But now, we’re falling deeper down the toy hole to show you our Top 5 favorite Transformers collaborations that we saw right here at TF Con 2019.

5) Pepsi Optimus Prime

Whether or not you are a Pepsi drinker, this Pepsi Prime is pretty fun. I think my favorite feature is the huge two liter bottle just strapped to the trailer. Which yes, this Pepsi Optimus Prime was packaged with his trailer! Granted, it may have been for the purpose of Pepsi branded cargo, but hey, it’s still the Prime that we know and love.

4) Cookie Crisp Autobot Racecar

It says Hasbro, it says Ralston, it has a typo in it (should be more taste THAN meets the eyes, man. How didn’t you catch that?) and has the adorable 80s Cookie Crisp cereal artwork on it. This crossover is insanity and I love it. And seriously, I’m so happy I took this picture for this article when I did, because moments later it was sold.

3) G.I. Joe Optimus Prime

Everything about this beautiful creation by A-Three Customs is just stellar. Not only do you get a gorgeous Joe Prime, but there is a figurine packaged right along with it. This was one of the more beautiful crossovers I saw at the show.

2) The Walking Dead Optimus Prime

Another super cool custom job from A-Three Customs, this Optimus Prime and Walking Dead mashup amuses me to no end. But I’ve got to say– that really is some beautiful mock up art work! The blood smeared on the side of the truck is a very nice touch, too.

1) “Transforming” Neon Genesis Evangelion

Not only do you have these super cute Eva Units 00, 01, 02 but look- they have the Autobot symbol (or inspired by) on the side of the cars! Which sort of makes it even more amusing because there’s nothing else on the box indicating that this is an official collaboration! But regardless, it’s super excellent to see two of the most beautiful mechs in Robot history take inspiration from each other and create a fun, lighthearted product. Plus, it’s always nice to see a toy that actually utilizes the robots from the show.

Though I’m sure there’s a market out there for Nurse Rei Ayanami, the racecar.

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