9 Terrible Toys We Saw At Walmart (This Week)

We’re taking a break from writing about awesome toys we saw at Walmart in order to flip the script; today, we’re writing about terrible ones. What makes a toy terrible? It might be the way the box art looks. It might be the price tag. It might be the way the toy looks. Doesn’t matter– reality is subjective and today, we want to laugh. So whip out your cringe meter and prepare to win at life as we count down the most terrible toys we saw at Walmart (this week).


1) That doesn’t go inside that…

Pretty sure Mattel would want actual Hot Wheels displayed in this car, Walmart


2) Do I have to take out a loan?

Great packaging on this Tie-Fighter though

Great toy, sad price tag. I bet Kenner charged like, $10 for this item back in 1979.


3) Anxiety: The Board Game


Games like these are the reason 90s kids are so damn nervous.


4) Squirting Games: The Trend




5) Wholesome Family Life: The Board Game

There can only be one.
Stop being such a loser, DAD.
The look on daughter’s face screams one wrong move and Dad will go back to his other family again.


6) Grotesque 90s Art: The Board Game

Anyone else getting the Goosebumps: Welcome to Camp Jellyjam vibe?
I think I remember this scene from SAW.


7) Subtly Violent Playsets

It’s called ‘Dinosaur Attack’. You know it’s not going to end well for those two dudes.
Two sharks, head to head, teeth out. But yes– we’re just exploring.


8) Blank-Face Doll Face


Not even lying, I stood there making that face back at her for like, two whole minutes.



9) Ugly Dolls

No sir, I don’t like it.



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