Huge G1 ‘My Little Pony’ Toy Lot Found in Storage


In another edition of ‘fantasies all toy collectors have’, a very lucky storage unit bidder came up on an enormous 1980s G1 My Little Ponies toy lot.

For $300.

The condition of these toys is outstanding. Not only is everything pristine and sealed, but the cards and packaging are perfect. Nothing is water damaged, weather-worn, smashed and bent– nothing. This lot of toys looks crisp enough to be sold in stores today; almost like they were brand-new reissues (they’re totally not, they’re legit 80s).

The buyer of the lot is selling their finds on eBay, so if you’re a pony collector, you can see what they’re asking for each item.

While I was never a horse person, I will admit I have my eye on the lone Fashion Star Fillies item you can see in the pictures. I remember those commercials as a kid and somehow they managed to make dressing up horses in hats and ruffly skirts seem pretty cool.

You can see the full gallery of this lot find below:



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