Carl’s Jr. ‘Cool Kids Combo’ Shows Off 20 Years Of Old Toys and Cartoons


Are you wondering if time travel exists? That’s something that’s on our minds every single day. But at Carl’s Jr., they prove that time capsules really can be opened.

While lurking round recently to scope out what kind of neat and interesting toys fast food chains were carrying, I made a very interesting discovery on Carl’s Jr.’s website.

It’s frozen in time– they haven’t updated their ‘Cool Kids Combo’ (most 90s kid’s meal name ever, I love it) website and toys since 2018 (the last toy promotion is for Troll Hunters: Tales of Arcadia), but there is one more piece of the puzzle.

They have all of their toy promotions archived since 2000.

By the year 2000, I wasn’t buying ‘Cool Kid’s Combos’– to be honest, by the time I started eating Carl’s Jr. as a kid, I was already onto that delicious BBQ chicken sandwich on a brown bun. But clearly, I was missing out! Who knew that they had so many glorious toys that could have been adorning my desk and shelves to this very day!

From early Cartoon Network, to Godzilla, Peanuts, Tom and Jerry, Tiny Toon Adventures, Spider Man and more; our childhoods lost to the sands of time. So strap on your travel goggles and come with Toy Wizards for a rocket ride while we take a trip down yesteryear and admire (nearly) 20 years of kid’s meal toys from Carl’s Jr.

And for real- they even carried Dragon Ball, Card Captor Sakura, and Yu Yu Hakusho toys there.



All Cool Kids Combo toy images courtesy of Carl’s Jr.’s Official ‘Star Pals’ Website


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