Rabbid Toys Invade Burger King for March 2019


While we here at Toy Wizards recently reported the return of Teen Titans Go! toys at McDonalds, don’t think for a second that we have a kid’s meal bias.

Or that the toys that come in kid’s meals and Happy Meals aren’t potentially wild collectible fodder.

For March 2019, the Rabbid characters are available at Burger King inside every kid’s meal. From the pictures of the toys in the image, six are available and they appear to be really detailed high quality. From the way the arms attach to the one on the top left, I would assume they’re hard plastic, but there’s a possibility they’re made of vinyl.

For those unacquainted with the Rabbids, they’re actually a spin off of the Rayman video game franchise from the French video game publisher UbiSoft, which made its console debut all the way back in 1995. More recently, Rayman enjoyed revived success with Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, before Nickelodeon picked up the Rabbids Invasion series around 2014.

So, while having the Rabbid appear at Burger King now may seem a little odd, but this nod to video game and cartoon culture is nothing short of an appreciated deep dive. In my opinion, McDonalds and Burger King have always been direct competitors in the world of Kid’s Meal toys. Which is sort of funny, because there are far fewer Burger Kings (at least in my area) and their food just isn’t as magically devastating (which is another term from begrudgingly tasty) as McDonald’s.

With that, remember that Wendy’s doesn’t carry kid’s meal toys at all these days. As for Arby’s with their ‘appealing to nerd culture/anime culture’ sensibilities, remains hip and cool with…a…downloadable…kids meal…option…that looks like…Minecraft?

I’m confused. Just give me a toy I can take in the tub and on adventures, please.


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