Toynami Releases Robotech SD-Blind Boxes for 34th Anniversary


In a new line of Robotech merchandise that celebrates the Macross-mashup series from the 80s, Toynami introduces a series of blind boxes. There are five robots to collect in total, each one super chunky and stylized. While Toynami did release a set of blind box figures for the 30th anniversary, they’ve chosen a different group this time around. And really, we are happy to see the other ‘bots getting some love.

From Toynami’s Instagram:

In celebration of Robotech’s 34th anniversary, we’d like to debut our Robotech New Generation Super Deformed Blind Box Figurines!

Featuring: Alpha Fighter VFA-6H, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HI, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HZ, Scott Bernard Cyclone VR-052F, and Rand Cyclone VR-052T!

No price point is available yet, but in typical blind box fashion, we will predict these will go for $5.99-$8.99 USD.


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