The Time Traveling Toy Dealer Unearths a Massive Warehouse Lot of Vintage 80s MOTU Figures


Some people have all the luck.

Yesterday afternoon, Toy Wizards received a tip that one very lucky/skilled/active toy collector/seller revealed a spectacular warehouse lot. We scoped out this story, and found that this delicious lot of vintage Masters of the Universe goodness was in the lucky hands of The Time Traveling Toy Dealer, otherwise known as ZombieSailorToys on Instagram.

From our research, it looks like this MOTU warehouse adventure began in the end of January 2019, when Zombie Sailor Toys posted the following picture and teased:

Zombie Sailor has been saying for the past few weeks: YOU.ARE.NOT.READY
Time Travel exists, we have mastered it. This tops everything ever done and we will continue to change the game. Case openings coming up in the next few days with an on-sale date to be announced shortly. Zombie Sailor aka quarter million dollar lot aka Zombie Coat Factory aka 6 feet of tractor trailer vintage cases. Peep the cases – the hype is real – those are cases of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE FROM 1984! The smell of action figures from the 1980’s from a just opened shipping carton that’s been in a climate controlled warehouse for the past 35 years is indescribable. 

The photos of the lot and teasing continued, until finally, just yesterday, the Zombie Sailor himself posted this photo and message:

The Massive Masters of the Universe lot will be UNLEASHED in March…we are calling it…MARCH OF THE UNIVERSE. There are so many incredible vintage MOTU figures in this old warehouse find, it’s going to make you pinch yourself and ask if it’s all a dream….Zombie Sailor makes dreams come true. Figures, Beasts, Vehicles, it’s insane, it’s all here – all theses MOTU items have NEVER been placed on store shelves….straight from 1984/86. This is without a doubt the best warehouse find I’ve ever come across.
Also, it’s a little late for Valentine’s day, but here’s Zombie Sailor blowing a kiss to all the jealous trolls in a Facebook group that have been talking s*it about me for the past week wishing they had the intellect, resources, let alone the willpower to pull off such a feat
To all my loyal clients / friends / followers, stay tuned, the best is yet to come and soon you’ll be able to have an opportunity to seriously upgrade your collections.
Zombie Sailor

A little cheeky humor never hurt anyone, right?

Happy collecting, everyone!


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