Super7 Teases Fans with Phantom Starkiller Photo


This creation has a really cool story behind it, and I’m hoping I manage to get all of the details right.

Back in 2013, well-known Bootleg/Custom action figure company Killer Bootlegs made a figure called the Phantom Starkiller: The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior. It was a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, and was even released in a limited run by Super7. The figure is fantastic looking, and if you’re lucky enough to come across one, it’s going to run you about $100.

But Super7 is clearly in cahoots with something, and if it involves another run of Killer Bootleg’s Phantom Starkiller action figure, we’re more or less completely on board.

We will report more when we learn it, hopefully with specs, a price point, and release date coming soon.


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