It’s a Swing and a Miss for NECA Toys’ New ‘Sloth and Chunk’ from Goonies Figures


Among the many things NECA Toys showed off at the New York Toy Fair over the last few days were new 8″ Clothed Figures of Sloth and Chunk from the 80s ‘coming of age adventure film’ classic, The Goonies. While I consider myself a big NECA fan and honestly love and appreciate a good deal of the toys they create (those movie Ninja Turtles, Shredder, Foot Soldier, and Horror Icons are perfection), something about these little critters of nature didn’t sit right with me.


Let me start off by saying that Sloth’s pose is exceedingly uncomfortable. And I don’t remember Chunk smiling that much. Truthfully, his mouth was always open because he was screaming half the movie. This happy-go-lucky little devil looks less like Chunk and more like the boy from Up mixed with Roseanne Barr. I just don’t know what to make of it. To help validate my feelings, I took these back to Toy Wizards HQ and presented these toys to my fellow Wizards.

Imagine that the gentlemen were sitting at a conference table tossing hacky sacks around, because that’s what you just do when you’re waiting to have something to meet about. I entered the room, threw the images across the table, and the guys glanced over at me.

Loryn: “I hate these Sloth and Chunk figures, help me figure out why.”

Ricky and Scott: *shrugs*

Aaron: “I love NECA. I’ve never seen Goonies. I hate 8″ figures.”

Journalism at its best.

In all seriousness, this is completely subjective and if you like these figures, great. Please buy and enjoy them. But something about the molding, posing, height, and set up just don’t work for me. NECA is an amazing company, but not everything can be a hit. This is one of those examples.

From NECA Toys’ Instagram:

The Goonies – 8″ Clothed Action Figures – Sloth and Chunk 2-Pack
#Goonies never say die! From the cult classic 1985 movie The #Goonies, Chunk and Sloth join NECA’s line of clothed action figures.
Both figures are fully posable for maximum pirate-treasure-hunting action. Sloth stands approximately 8” tall and comes with a sword accessory & pirate hat. Chunk stands over 5” tall and comes with a pirate hat and replica David statue with minor damage that Mikey’s mom will probably never notice.

Shipping Date: Q3 2019

NECA Toys Sloth and Chunk Image Gallery:

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