Hasbro 2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Round-up


Hasbro has revealed the first several figures in their 2019 Marvel Legends line-up at Toy Fair this weekend (the figures for the latter half are usually revealed at San Diego’s Comic-Con International) and let’s just say that it’s a safe bet that Hasbro is looking at Marvel Legends to help make up for all the money they’re losing on the Star Wars license.

The reveals were a mix of figures we saw at last year’s SDCC, some figures that had been announced but not yet seen, and several welcome new surprises. Let’s start with what we already knew:

Avengers: Endgame Wave 1

  • MCU Endgame Figure (Rumored to be Captain America)
  • MCU Endgame Figure (Rumored to be Clint Barton/Ronin)
  • MCU Ebony Maw
  • Citizen V
  • Living Laser
  • Hercules
  • Nighthawk
  • BAF (Rumored to be armored Thanos)
Thank the maker, someone finally got Hercules to wear pants. He was getting a lot of complaints from villains and co-workers, leaping into battle in that mini-skirt.
Squidward is my favorite.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • Red/Black costume MCU Spider-Man
  • Black “Noir” MCU Spider-Man
  • MCU Mysterio (Obvious, but not yet officially confirmed)
  • Doppelganger (Scratching one off my recent list of top 10 demanded Spider-Man figures)
  • Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman (About bloody time)
  • Scorpion (Another off the list)
  • Hydro-Man
  • BAF (Not yet announced)
No word as to whether this Tom Holland figure has a nicer butt than the Brie Larson Captain Marvel figure, but they say art imitates life, sooooo…
I’m so gonna customize this into occasional Spider-Man foe the Black Fox.
I was hoping Hydro-Man would be a BAF using the Sandman body, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.
C’mon, you didn’t thank that 6-Arm Spider-Man body was gonna be a one-off, did you?
Not gonna lie, I was about to customize this one. I thought she’d been forgotten.
You thought Mysterio was hard to find? Just wait.

Avengers Wave 2

  • Classic Loki
  • Beta Ray Bill
  • Union Jack
  • Rock Python
  • MCU Black Panther Shuri
  • MCU figure (Not yet revealed)
  • MCU figure (Not yet revealed)
  • MCU figure (Not yet revealed, but if we’ve gotta take a mort like Rock Python, could we maybe get a Puff Adder?)
This is before Loki had the cash to hire a fashion consultant, you must understand.
Probably the only time I’m going agree with that one guy in the comments that always says “The Toy Biz version was better!”
His co-workers call him “Union Jerk” behind his back.
The Serpent Society’s Rock Python has the power to *snicker* get hard. It’s a power that’s been waning as he enters his late forties.
Now we just need T’Challa in his sandals so she can mock him.


  • Boom Boom
  • Guardian
  • Cannonball
  • Mr. Sinister
  • Nightcrawler
  • Not yet revealed
  • BAF (Not yet revealed, but seems a logical spot for the previously announced Wendigo.
The 90’s were a great time for jacket salesmen.
“Relive all my adventures, like… er… failing to recapture Wolverine, and uh… blowing myself up?”
Ah, the dangers of trying to light a fart.
Villains are always doing this with their hands. I think they write their evil plans down on their palms, so they don’t miss any details when relating them to the hero.
Nightcrawler reportedly comes with three different heads. I hope at least one is his Age of Apocalypse look.

X-Men Vintage Wave

  • Cyclops (X-Factor Costume)
  • Wolverine (Madripoor disguise)
  • Silver Samurai
  • Dazzler (Arcade/Outback costume)
  • Not yet revealed (Please be 90’s Storm)
  • Not yet revealed
If only he came with his backpack from the 90’s, that made him stiltedly say “Optic Blast… FIRE!”
Don’t freak out, he comes with another head option. Walt Simonson used to draw him like this all the time.
Another victory for tiny jacket salesmen everywhere.
I am most psyched about this one. But not coming with his giant shuriken from the “Children of the Atom” video game? Missed opportunity.
I always wondered… was that webbing in his eyes? Or did Wolverine join the Children of the Bat at some point?

We get a new Legendary Riders offering, with a WWII Captain America on his old ride.

Insert Peggy Carter joke here, you misogynist.

Marvel 80th Anniversary, Exclusives and 2-Packs

  • MCU Captain America and Peggy Carter
  • MCU Hela and Skurge
  • MCU Grandmaster and Korg
  • MCU Infinity Way Spider-Man and Iron Man
  • MCU Ghost and Luis
  • Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (Amazon exclusive, dammit)
  • Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter (Kraven’s Last Hunt)
  • Infamous Iron Man (Walgreens Exclusive)
  • Emma Frost (Walgreens Exclusive)
  • Dani Moonstar (not confirmed, but in Walgreens system, so take it with a grain of salt.)
  • MCU Loki and Corvus Glaive (Walmart Exclusive, so expect terrible distribution)
  • MCU Homecoming Spider-Man and MJ
  • Hulk vs. 1st Appearance Wolverine
  • Classic Colossus and Juggernaut
  • 80th Anniversary Alex Ross Classic Thor
  • 80th Anniversary Alex Ross Classic Captain America
  • 80th Anniversary Alex Ross Classic Iron Man
Wait… if Chris Evans gets likeness approval, how did we ever get that Infinity War Cap that looks like Red Letter Media’s Jay Bauman?
Excited that we’re finally getting a Peggy Carter. Even MORE excited this didn’t turn out to be the elderly, bed-ridden version. (Although they could have reused the body and hospital bed for Aunt May.)
I see Des, but where’s Troy?
Is that Grandmaster’s Melting Stick, or his Sexy-Time Staff? Only the person playing with him knows for sure. But Shuri’s gonna mock the HELL out of those sandals.
The figures we should have gotten the first time.
The most unlikely Marvel Legend ever. And also, Luis.
Already available for pre-order, because Jeff Bezos needs all the money he can put his hands on for the divorce.
Magneto, Master of Magnet. “Welcome… to DIE!”
Why’s Quicksilver such a bite in the ass? He has PMS. Pietro Maximoff Syndrome. Google it if you don’t believe me.
Where’s that “The Toy Biz version was better!” guy NOW?!
Still one of the greatest stories of all time.

Doom needs no Power Rangers Lightning accessory.
Thank goodness for new headsculpts.
Soon to be swapped out and covered in Silly String at a garbage retailer near you!
Not the MJ we needed, or the MJ we deserved, but the MJ we’ve got. Photo courtesy of The Fwoosh.
What is instead of that torn shirt, Hulk had a sweater tied over his shoulders? It’s make you view him in a whole different light, wouldn’t it?
Happy with both of these. Now combine them and give me Unstoppable Colossus, Hasbro.
Remember when the Toy Biz figure of this costume was a Wal-Mart exclusive, with terrible distribution?
The definitive Cap, finally with sculpted scale mail!
Don’t panic, we’re getting alternate helmets with this guy. But I’ll tell you one thing we’re unlikely to get…
Metallic paint.

Well, that’s the wrap-up as of the end of Saturday at New York Toy Fair 2019! Will more be revealed? Definitely! Will Toy-Wizards be covering it? Assuredly! Will I be drinking as I have to do another round-up of upcoming Funko Pop product? Undoubtedly.

Start saving those pennies, Marvel fanatics. It’s going to be an expensive year.


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