Icon Heroes Set to “Sweep the Leg” with their new Karate Kid Action Figures

No word if Johnny will come with a coroner’s kit so he can put Daniel “in a bodybag.”

NECA recently revealed their 8-inch scale Karate Kid action figures, but for those of us who like all of our action figures to exist in a shared universe of similar scale, our friends at Icon Heroes have got us covered!

Icon Heroes has announced via their social media that they are doing 6″ scale action figures based on the original film, which means the Cobra Kai is ready to show no mercy to your Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse figures. The first two figures announced are Daniel Larusso (played by Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (as played by Willaim Zabka). The figures will feature a STUNNING 29 points of articulation, and include additional heads & hands.

One can only hope some additional Cobra Kai, a Skeleton Johnny, and Mr. Miyagi are on the way!


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