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Over the weekend, Winter Wonder Festival took place at one of the largest convention centers in Japan, the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo. Our very own Wizard Scott was in attendance and was kind enough to snap some pics of Takara Tomy’s various booths! Today we’re focusing on their Transformers display that was loaded with reveals and upcoming products.

Transformers Masterpiece Collection
The most buzz-worthy (pun intended) reveal from the show was without a doubt MP-45 Bumblebee Ver 2.0. Diving deeper and deeper into on screen, cartoon accuracy with the Masterpiece line has lead to this re-do of the beloved Beetle. Even though his last toy entry in the line was only about four years ago, there’s no doubt that the popularity of the character as well as a major solo motion picture yet to be released in Japan has had a hand in this newly sculpted and dramatically different Bee.
Beast Wars fans were elated to see Black Arachnia revealed as MP-46. The sultry fembot changes from robot to black widow spider and by the looks of the grey prototype on display that transformation will be quite the feat of engineering.
MP-44 Convoy made a full colored sample appearance. Trailer open and showing off its storage and display capabilities. The toy looks incredible, if you can get over the backpack and the $300+ price tag.
Other notables on display were the yet unnumbered MP Hound who seems to have taken a step back in production being shown as a grey prototype after we had seen a colored version at Tokyo Toy Fair and the recently released Transformers Generations book released in December. Also there were the Movie Masterpiece Jazz and Megatron that we shared press release photos of on the site.
Nike and Transformers? Sure, why not? On display were three MP-10 Optimus Prime recolors and matching shoes. Shoe culture. Robot culture. A marriage we’ve seen before and will surely see again.
Transformers War for Cybertron SIEGE
Hasbro very recently revealed the new Commander Class Jetfire for the Siege toy line, but here we had a physical toy on display. He looks huge and he looks great! There were lots of production samples of upcoming Siege wave 2 toys like Starscream, Soundwave, Brunt, and Prowl. Those all should be hitting U.S. retail later this month.
LG-EX Takara Tomy Mall Exclusives
Takara Tomy had a display area for their Takara Tomy Mall online exclusives as well. The Transformers Zone set of Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Roadfire was shown and now with a box sample with artwork homaging the original that would bring a tear to any G1 fan’s eye.
However, their biggest surprise was on display just above the aforementioned set. Two grey prototypes of what we can only assume are new upcoming Takara Tomy Mall exclusives. A retooling of the Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimus Prime into a new Star Convoy from the last iteration of G1 Transformers in Japan the manga mini series Transformers Battlestars! This comic saw the return of Optimus Prime from the dead in Japanese continuity and it looks like to mimic that evolution of the character a retooled and re-sculpted Orion Pax portion of the toy will now be a G1 Convoy that folds up into the chest while the trailer becomes the Star Convoy powered up armor! Very clever and probably just became my most anticipated release!
Ah, but there’s more! For many younger fans of the franchise Transformers Armada was their first exposure to Optimus Prime and his cohorts. As hard it it is for me to fathom anyone slopping around in sticky diapers in the early 2000’s, a large portion of the fandom was and are very excited to see Takara Tomy reveal a Micron Legend Convoy, or Armada Optimus Prime as he was known in the States. This might very well get a U.S. release as this is an entirely new sculpt, unlike most of the LG-EX line that usually just features slight retooling. How or where is yet to be determines, as is whether or not his combining gimmick with a trailer is yet to be revealed. Some sneaky sleuths have taken photos of the figures legs and some rather large hands can be seen stowed away in the legs (which become the larger bot’s arms on the original toy).
Lots of of exciting reveals and more to come! NY Toy Fair is mere days away, so don’t miss out on any of the coverage!
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