Black Mamba Dinosaur Clan Bootleg Mecha Has a Jutting Eyesore When It Transforms


Volcanicus Transformer Power Rangers Grimlock Alloy Dinosaur Action Figure Robot Toys Gifts for Kids Boys. 

Whew…that a lot of words to describe a set of six bootleg Mecha toys on Amazon.

Now, here on Toy Wizards, we don’t go straight for the snark when discussing third party toys. Remember, we do plenty of toy reviews on many a non-official Transformers-inspired items, and in some cases, those unlicensed toys are more impressive than their official brothers. We’ve also discussed the glory of counterfeit and bootleg mecha in one of our early articles about unexpected robots. Therefore, bootlegs are not a problem and often, they need love, too.

It’s the glorious mashup lost insanity that is this set that makes Black Mamba Dinosaur Clan (say that out loud a few times) so exciting. 

Let’s take a look at these together.



From the Amazon Description:

Collect 6/5(except pink Raptor)different robots can make a mega robot. High quality and performance,made of 100% safe and non-toxic ABS PVC+ Partail Alloy. Easy to transform, increase fun when playing,suitable for collectors and kids, this is the best gifts. Enhance children’s imaginative ability, manipulative ability and increase parent-child interaction.

Now, to take the fun to another level, the creators of the Black Mamba Dino Clan have given these delicious half-Transformers, half-Power Rangers Megazord critters names. Funny enough, they are named after Transformers Dinobots characters. I’m not completely naive to the world of those tasty Dinobots. Those characters are named Grimlock, Slag, Slash, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop. They look like this:

Not this, with random Megatron heads stuffed into their helpless neck holes:

But the icing on the cake? It is most certainly the way these monsters look when you transform and combine them. Are you ready for this?

Look at what’s happening between its legs. Jutting forth from this rainbow of nonsense, this cacophony of visual noise. Look at it! What do you see there?

That’s right. Robo-Dong.

My work here is done.


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  1. John Sorensen – Bat-Fan Extraordinaire. Able to leap over plot-holes in a single bound, Likes: punching crime in the face. Dislikes: villainous fiends!
    John Sorensen says:

    That’s a fan mode that the bootleggers picked up on, and somebody photographed at a rather unfortunate angle thus hilarity.

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