First Look: Medicom MAFEX Releases Upcoming Comic Book Wolverine Figurine Images


This beautiful Wolverine figurine listed for a November release. It will be priced at 7,944 Yen (about $72 USD)
Preorders haven’t gone up. But you can expect them to hit places like Hobby Link Japan and AmiAmi in the next week.
This comic Wolverine joins the likes of Gwenpool, Spider-Man, Venom, and Miles Morales Spider-Man in their comic book figure line.
None have been released yet, as Spider-Man has been pushed back to mid February.

Accessories include two sets of variant hands without claws, hands with the claws, and Wolverine’s trademark mask as well as three head sculpts depicting unmasked, snarling or RBF.

Medicom MAFEX Wolverine Image Gallery:


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