G1 Optimus Prime Reissue Spotted at Walmart


G1 fans will be happy to know that the G1 Optimus Prime Reissue was finally spotted at Walmart.

According to seasoned Transformers fans and collectors, this release is a little unusual.  The item itself is just the G1 Optimus Prime truck/robot. He doesn’t come with his iconic trailer, but he does include two guns instead of one. MSRP is $49.00, which seems like a little bit high of a price tag for a toy.

However, one of our Wizards here at Headquarters did argue that the tasty, crisp new packaging does make the price tag a little more justifiable. The lack of included trailer makes the toy a little more unique, but with the cheap plastics Walmart is using with their toy makers, we can’t help but feel like the toy comes off a little bit like a knock-off.

This Optimus Prime G1 reissue is supposed to be included in the next wave of Transformers toys coming to Walmart, which also includes Gears, Warpath, and the Soundwave toy we recently wrote about. At the time of the article, the Soundwave toy did not have a release date. However, if he is included in the same wave as Warpath, Gears, and Optimus Prime (which is sneaking onto shelves as we speak), then perhaps the Soundwave wait will be shorter than we originally thought.


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