11 Gorgeous Nintendo Toys That You Can Buy Online Now


Super Smash Bros. is the latest Nintendo hottness on the Switch, and we’re celebrating the insanely deep roster of Nintendo characters and games. Seriously, they’re in the upper echelon of pop culture creative forces, with dozens of successful franchises under their belt.

Seriously, kids today are so lucky. We had like, a Mario lunchbox at best back when we were kids.

K. Thor Jensen over at Geek.com compiled this awesome list, and today, we’re going to take a look at all of the awesome Nintendo Toys that you can snag for yourself right now!

Medicom Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword Action Figure

There have been plenty of incarnations of Link through the years, and while the actual Skyward Sword game won’t rank as one of the franchise’s best, this Medicom figure is really nice.

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Mimikyu Plush

Dozens of new Pokemon get introduced with every generation of the game, and let’s be frank: most of them are non-starters. But every once in a while the team at Game Freak will hit the jackpot and deliver a little monster that has crossover appeal, and in Sun and Moon it was Mimikyu.

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Earthbound Mr. Saturn Soft Vinyl Figure

One of the greatest cult classics of all time, Earthbound is a 16-bit RPG unlike any other, full of quirky humor and deep ideas. This Banpresto soft vinyl fig replicates Mr. Saturn, the odd androgynous creatures that populate Saturn Valley. The game’s unofficial mascot, Mr. Saturns are gentle, sweet individuals that are imprisoned into forced labor by Mr. Belch at the Fly Honey factory. The figure measures seven inches in every direction and is cast from soft, squishy vinyl.

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Tamashii Nations Bowser Action Figure

Or King Koopa if you’re nasty. The villain of countless Mario games finally gets an action figure that befits his majesty with this Tamashii Nations number from Bandai. If you’re not familiar with the line, these are smaller figures – Bowser is only five inches tall – but with a ton of incredibly fine detail and articulation. The fire-breathing reptile has subtle textures on his skin and shell and comes with a few accessories. He stands beautifully on his own and can be posed in a few different ways for maximum menace.

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Metroid Prime 3 Samus Aran Action Figure

Nintendo’s outer space bounty hunter Samus Aran delivered one of video gaming’s most iconic swerves at the end of the first Metroid when she doffed her helmet to reveal there was a girl under all that power armor. Since then, she’s starred in numerous all-time classics. We’re particularly hyped for the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, returning to the first-person spinoff that debuted on the GameCube. This gorgeous figure from Good Smile stands a little over six inches tall and comes with interchangeable arms and a morph ball for tunnel exploration.

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Boo Bean Bag

This kind of skirts the boundary between “toy” and “furniture,” but it’s awesome so we’ll let it slide. The Boo ghosts – first introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3 – are some of the series’ most iconic enemies, shy spectres who only advance on our hero when his back is turned. If you’ve always wanted to get close and cuddly with the round white ghosts, now you can lounge out on a massive beanbag version that measures 38 inches in diameter and a little over two feet high. Of course, since it’s a beanbag those dimensions can shift a bit but what do you want from us?

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Animal Crossing K.K. Slider Plush

Everybody’s got a favorite Animal Crossing neighbor, but one constant (besides that bastard landlord Tom Nook, cursed be his soul) is the itinerant musician K. K. Slider, who shows up every Saturday night to play his tunes in your town. The guitar-toting Jack Russell terrier is a master of many different genres and it’s always a pleasure to hear him. If you need a little music in your life, pick up this stuffed animal Slider and put him center stage in your collection.

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Stackable Kirbys

Kirby, the pink puffball created by HAL Labs for Nintendo, is a remarkably adaptable character – in fact, he’s capable of sucking up his foes and transforming to gain their powers. This irresistible desk toy consists of ten different little guys with varied expressions and poses, sculpted to stack and stand in dozens of arrangements. Throw in a star-shaped base for extra stability and this will keep your idle hands busy through even the longest conference call.

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Good Smile Pit Action Figure

Kid Icarus is one of the least-exploited Nintendo franchises, with a single 8-bit incarnation and then nothing for decades. Main character Pit has been a staple of the Smash Bros games, though, which has kept him from fading away. This really nice Good Smile action figure has all of the poseability you’ve come to expect from the line with smooth joints and just the right amount of detailing. Pit comes with two interchangeable faceplates and Palutena’s Holy Bow. Did you know “Palutena” was a weird mistranslation of “Pallas Athena?” I just learned that.

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Wario & Waluigi Plush Dolls

Like a dark mirror from an evil universe, Wario and Waluigi stand as the nefarious counterparts to our beloved plumber brothers. However, the duo of miscreants have built a fan base of their own thanks to their all-out greed and larceny. Wario in particular has a rabid following from his sporadic appearances in games like Mario Tennis, with a whole fan-fic community establishing his canonical horniness. If you want to snuggle up with these nasty fellows, here’s a pair of plushes that will make you the meat in an evil sandwich.

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Japanese Super Mario Adventure Board Game

There are plenty of licensed Nintendo board game knock-offs of things like Monopoly and Clue, but if you really want to bring home something special order this intensely cool-looking Japanese Super Mario Adventure board game that takes cues from Mousetrap, Fireball Island and other hugely complex titles of the past. Guide marbles through pipes, tunnels and other hazards to confront Bowser in this fun little device.


SOURCE: Originally posted on Geek.com by K. Thor Jensen


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